How to Make the Most Out of A Photo Booth Rental for a Wedding

Despite hiring a professional photographer, there are still plenty of moments at a wedding that aren’t captured on film. The bride, the groom and the bridal party tend to be the central focus, and in the end, few pictures of the guests are left. For those looking to add a little something extra to the wedding reception, a Photo Booth in Jacksonville offers plenty of possibilities.

Choose The Right Company to Work With

Before making the reservations, be sure to take a closer look at the companies specializing in Photo Booth Rentals in Orlando. While many offer the same type of equipment and services, prices vary from one company to the next, and some have a reputation for working with a bride and groom to make the photo booth the highlight of the reception. The delivery and pick up time for the photo booth needs to fit into the schedule of the big day, so calling well in advance to set up a reservation is critical.

Make Sure There are Plenty of Props

Standing there in front of the camera with nothing to do tends to make for fairly plain photos. However, with the addition of several props, guests will be able to enjoy themselves and find creative ways for coming up with the best pictures. Everything from mustaches to big glasses, boas and hats can be used in various ways to create photos everyone will love. Multiple props could encourage guests to go back multiple times.

When the reception is over, the bride and groom have access to the professional photos that were taken. A traditional photo album or book is usually made from the photos taken at the wedding by the photographer. To add to the memories the book creates, pictures from the photo booth can be included as well. It’s nice to be able to go back and look at how much fun all of the guests had at the wedding. A photo book also ensures that every guest from the reception gets to take home their very own party favor to help them remember the excitement.